Sunday, June 15, 2014

Focusing on the Rear View Mirror

       Where is your focus, right now?  On the past or on the present?  I and my family received this challenge from Dad as we were driving down the road one day.  Have you ever noticed how the rear view  mirrors are smaller than the windshield?  What would happen if you took your focus off the road and placed it on what was behind you?  You would crash.  You must continue looking ahead to know where you are headed, focused on the present, the here and now, your future destination.  The rear view mirrors are important.  They remind us of what is behind us, the lessons we've learned, the mistakes we have done, and God's provision and protection.  It's ok to glance back, to reflect on the past, but we must not dwell on it.  We must move on.  We must start a new life and make the best of the present.   My family is adjusting to living in a new home.  We moved from the hilltop to the valley physically and spiritually.  After my grandpa died, we left our small house behind where my parents started their married life together and where all of us children had grown up.  To move into our grandparents big house adopting Grandma into our family, was a major change.  It's true that we had looked forward to living in this house with roomy bedrooms and lots of space, but now, nothing is the same as it was before.  My family and I keep looking back.  I want to move back.  When I start focusing on the rear view mirrors of my life, I emotionally crash.  Without Jesus Christ, I would be unable to go on and face the challenges of everyday.  Without him I would still be living in the past. Stepping out in faith, I'm driving onward.  Although I don't want to, I'm choosing to place my focus on the road ahead through the windshield.

     I have started to take note of the little bright spots, the familiar sounds, the new scenery of this new place. 

The horse pasture to greet me when I pull in the yard.
 The bright pink of the peony bushes just coming into bloom.

Sunlight at dusk highlighting a strawberry blossom and berry just waiting to ripen.
A dainty red rose against green thorny foliage. 
Timid but curious baby kittens with whom my brothers and sister like to play.

The sound of cows mooing in our neighbor's pasture as I fall asleep.

The call of a meadowlark as it flits along the fence line as I walk through the pasture to catch a horse.
My view up from the valley to the hills where the wind creates ripples in the long grass.
The misty mornings where quiet fog hangs heavy over the creak.
The horse's standing head to tail swishing flies in the sun.
An encouraging note from a friend.
Words of hope from the scriptures.
My final destination: Heaven.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Our New (Old) Horses

Just thought you all might enjoy seeing what the two new (old) horses look like.  Wall and Wildfire are still my favorites, but that's probably because they're the ones that I'm most familiar with and have worked with the longest.  I haven't quite gotten a conversation and understanding going with the two new ones.  Big black Joe seems to be catching on faster than old Jed. 

Well, this is Joe, hanging out with his new buddies. 

Joe is a 20 year old solid black paint.  He is real smart.  Unless you first prove to him that loping is easier than whining and bucking, you might have an interesting ride!  My brother rode him with me the other evening and Joe behaved beautifully.  He neck reigns well, has a big stride, and is interested in going someplace new.  He has a mischievous side.  The other evening, when I checked on the horses, the float on the water tub was nocked off, cracked, and spraying water everywhere.  Joe splashed his foot in the puddle that was forming and looked at me with pricked ears.  I'm pretty sure I know who did it.   JOE!!!!!!

Jedda, whose names I've shortened to Jed because the name Jedda sounds female and makes me call him a she, is a 28 year old quarter horse gelding.  Besides some arthritis in his back legs, he is sound and spunky.  Jed is the boss and he and Wally continue to argue over who gets to be with Wildfire--the only mare in my little herd.  Jed is content to be ridden at a slow easy pace and when asked to trot, breaks into a real quick bouncy gait that turns into a lope if trying to keep up with the horse in front or if headed in the direction of home.  It's taking a while, but I'm learning to like this horse.  I haven't completely figured out how to make him interested in me yet, but I'm beginning to see some subtle changes.  Most of the problem is I haven't spent as much time with him yet.
I just had to add this last picture of Wildfire.  She was scratching her but on the fence and her expression was so funny!  She is quite the little pony!  Wildfire gets along well with my little sister who likes to braid this pony's long main.  Wildfire stands still with her eyes half closed as my sister braids.
After I had took this picture, she quickly exited the scene; it was as though she thought a picture like this was not appropriate!
Ok, I guess this one is the last photo for the day.  This one doesn't go with my horse post, but hey, maybe I'll make him into a calf to be roped some day.  Either that or my brothers and I joke we'll make him into a buck'n bull! 
This is T Bone.
Doesn't he look adorable and delicious?  Ok, sorry.  I didn't mean that, yet!  Maybe rodeo potential?  In our dreams!