Monday, March 11, 2013

Enjoying God's Earth in Iowa,
a Beautiful State

For those who have not lived in Iowa your whole life, you may think it may not be as beautiful as some states. Some may say: "Where are all the trees?"  "It's just a bunch of fields of soybeans and corn." or  "It's all green!"   I would have to disagree. Iowa has much variety in it's terrain, seasons, and animals.   Each state, each part of God's creation, has it's own unique beauty.

It is true that our beautiful world has been marred by sin and that it is no longer the perfect earth that it was first made to be.
This earth can be quite harsh and damaging at times, yet God is still in control of all things.  God does not allow all of us to be destroyed by natural disasters, He controls them, and allows certain ones to take place.  If it were not for the effects of our sin, we would not know God's grace, unending love, and unconditional forgiveness. 
Which brings me back to why I started writing. 
Thursday morning on March 7th
was one of those beautiful days in Iowa.
 A picture is just not the same as experiencing it in person, but I tried to snap a few photos. Wanting to enjoy the beauty as long as it lasted, I even took a scenic route down Ridge Road through the woods on my way to a cleaning job.  It makes me wonder, if we still can experience a taste of the original beauty of the earth, what must have it been like in the beginning?It is hard to imagine!
So, take a moment to pause from your daily routine and enjoy the beauty that God puts in your day.  It may even bring a smile to your lips and laughter to your heart.