Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I Don't Like It!

 God is teaching me to be humble and it's humiliating!  He's  teaching me to be patient and I don't like it!  
     Many would agree that patience and humility are good character qualities to have, but the process it takes to develop those qualities can be unpleasant.  God has slowed me down to teach me important lessons.  I am trying to look at my trial as an opportunity.  Each adversity is like a different sunrise.  There is beauty in each one because God is at work!

      Last week I separated a joint in my shoulder.  I have to wear a sling for 3 weeks.  Although I think that I could try to do my normal routine it would not be beneficial to my healing so I haven't been able to play piano or ride my horse.  Two things that are so special to me.  It's humiliating having to wear a sling, have every one ask you what happened, be educated on how dangerous horses are (although any animal can be dangerous it's falling off one that is the most dangerous!), and have someone else fix your hair and tie your shoes.  It's frustrating not being able to do the dishes, cook, or do laundry without help.  Yet it is good.  I'm learning that it's OK to ask for help and that I can help in other ways.  Things that I would rather not do are the things I'm still capable of doing such as cleaning.  Learning to do speech and physical therapy with my brother is important.  God must want me to help Mom with that and knew that He would just have to make me do it in order for me to realize that it's actually not that hard.  It's a good way to spend time with my little brother.  I've had to spend time with my family as they have to help me.  I now have plenty of time to give my sister piano lessons and she can brush the horses with me. 
    God has also been developing a special friendship between me and another young lady who is helping me clean (whom I may have never asked to help me otherwise).  Did you know you can clean with only one arm?  The arm that's doing the cleaning feels like it's about ready to fall off at the end of the day, but it can be done!  My cleaning helper and I have bee having a lot of good conversations about life and the Lord. 
   Another thing that I've had the time to do is study the Bible.  Have you ever been challenged on the authority of scripture?  I have recently and now I know the exact scripture references to turn to:  2 Timothy 3:15-17, 2 Peter 1:20-21, Romans 4:22-25, and Romans 15:3,4   It was so exciting for me to find how scripture backs up scripture.  I can tell you with certainty that all scripture is divinely inspired and all scripture is true.   The Bible was written to show us how to be saved from Hell, how to experience a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and give us the answer to what our purpose on earth is.  The Bible really does have the answers!

God's Word is light.  It breaks through the  darkness of confusion and lies.

In conclusion.  God has brought me to my knees once again and I have been reminded of how mortal I am.  I'm also reminded that when I pray, sometimes God uses creative ways to make the answer clear to me.  Do you suppose God is applying his appropriate pressure on me?