Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I Can't Live Without It!

     What is precious to you?  What is something you may think that you couldn't live without?  Some things I would struggle to live without are my family, my horses, living in the country, ice cream, and my own bed.  You may laugh, but start listing a few of your own and you too will be surprised.  I have relized that I can live without these and God has caused things to happen in my life that have showed me that all I really need is Him. 
     I've learned that God gives me the strength to finish certain tasks on my own and will give me the wisdom to make the right decisions when my family isn't able to help me. 
     Living on a farm, and most of my friends living far away, my horses often become my closest friends.  God has allowed me to feel the pain from the deaths of 2 horses and experience some frightening injuries to the horses I still have in order to show me that He is my closest friend and will never ever leave or reject me.  I must daily remind myself that "of all that is precious, Jesus tops the list" (Our Daily Bread, May 1, 2013).
     In 1 Kings 10-11, we find that Solomon also had many things that were precious to him.  So much did he love these things, that he began to love them more than God.  His possessions and wives turned his heart away from God.  His life is a picture of what can happen when we begin to forget how precious God is.   Because he neglected his God, God was going to take away what he had from his son. 
     I believe that when we do not give God the glory for what He has given us, He will take it away.  He has given us what we have and can choose to take it back again.  I challenge you and myself to tell Jesus every morning when we awake, "I can't live without You!"